Innovation and Creation

In the 70s, Taiwanese industrial design had been starting to grow, the founder Mr. Johnson Wang (now CEO of Demby group) had graduated from National Taipei University of Technology, industrial design. As a designer, he has a curious mind and his original intention was to use his design ability to improve people's lives. Nevertheless, he combined all his skills and knowledge and created an industrial design company called "Demby".

Since he started the company (which has been running for over 30 years), the design company has improved tremendously and designed many innovative lifestyle products, such as toys, dictionaries, electric equipments and other home living products.

"The idea of giving love and care to your family, while gaining a better life experience. This is what drives Demby Group"
Out of all the products Demby has produced, the baby appliance has been manufactured the most in DEMBY group. After many years of designing baby products, Our CEO has started the first brand - DEMBY.
While constantly exploring the market, Mr. Wang realised that the original baby safety gate did not achieve the purpose of protecting children.
In 1999, the CEO developed the first ever safety gate that the door can open in both ways. Additionally the gate has an automatically closed function, and with two locking system on it. This unique baby safety gate has completely stood out when compared to other competitors within the market.
Demby established a brand that would produce safer products and experiences for children. In the same year, DEMBY also participated in the exhibition "K+J' in Colonge, Germany. Demby has also received lots of positive feedback during and after the exhibitions, and through this has started to carry forward in the baby product market. The patent of this safety gate is still being used world wide.
Since the brand of DEMBY has successfully emerged in this market, the concept of giving love and care to your family has been decided as our direction of entrepreneurial strategy.

In 2010, we developed our design direction, and started our second brand for pets "Yeagle". When we released our pet protection products, the products stylish and its high safety standard gained attention from pet owners around the world. Yeagle has also participated in the exhibition "Interzoo" in Nuremberg, Germany, and "Global Pet Expo" in the U.S.A. This has not only raised the popularity of the brand, but also increased our awareness in the market.

As the elderly population has been growing fast around the world, Demby group has been undertaking research and exploring this area more in depth. After exploring the senior market, we acknowledged that the current senior products do not capture the feeling of its users. Nevertheless, most of the current products have a lack of security and convenience needs.
Our design team then developed the concept of "care, convenience, creativity" as our design direction. We committed to create products that give convenient and a safer life experience, this is how our third brand "FAMICA" was established.
In the same year, we participated in the most popular exhibition "Rehacare" in Dusseldorf, Germany. We were not only having lots of great comments, but one of our product 'S cart' has been awarded the 2017 Red dot design award.

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Our vision
For the past 30 years, design has always been the forefront of everything that Demby does. Demby group has been creating hundreds of products, while also holding about 300 design patents. We are not complacent of our success, but we always keep in mind of doing sustainable development, innovating, driving and creating the convenient lifestyle for our users, which is always our company vision. We believed that wherever people are, there will be needs and aspects design could improve.
In the future, we will be continuously developing and creating safe and convenient products, not only to protect your family, but also to improve the user experience, creating comfort, and safe and convenient lifestyle for everyone around the world!