Brand story


Demby was founded in 1999 as the first brand under Demby Group where D, M, B represents Daddy, Mommy and Baby, representatively. D also portrays the core of the organisation, Design.
Since the establishment of Demby, we have designed a series of baby safety gates using the theme of 'Parents care and love for their children'.
Each piece we design not only addresses aesthetics and functionality, but more importantly, our design team focuses on the extra finer details, ensuring and striving to protect the safety of children.
We aspire and believe that through thoughtful designing, parents' care and love for their children will be integrated into each of our products, allowing families worldwide to own high quality and safe products from Demby.


For families who own pets, these pets are equally as important part of the family. The love and affection for them is not less than their own child.
Protecting and ensuring the safety of them is not to be neglected by any owner. In addition, continuing Demby's brand ethos, Yeagle was established in 2010, a brand dedicated to pet safety products. The name Yeagle originated from the homonym of Demby's founder Mr Johnson Wang's most loved animal, eagle.
The eagle's unique life transformation journey, also reflects upon Demby Group's spirit of continually striving forwards and the constant adaptation to the changing environment. Through the addition of this new brand, Yeagle can soar to new horizons within the pet market.


Family has also been at the core of Demby Group's business. Demby are constantly looking and developing new, innovative products that bring greater convenience to families. We branched out the enthusiasm of design to the mature population; Famica, our brand derived from the concept of Family Care was born in 2013.
Our product design and development team use ‘Care, convenience, creativity' as the goal to develop a series of innovative products for all the independent active elderly.
Since establishment, Famica has participated in many major international exhibitions every year, actively seeking and adopting user opinions and research, while also gathering feedback to improve our products' and gaining competitiveness in the global market.
We look forward to improving the convenience and safety of the daily lifestyles, of the mature individuals through our Famica products, so that families can provide them with a convenient and high quality lifestyle during their later life.
In the past, our parents gave us their best. Now, we can use the Famica products to give the best to our parents. This is symbolic of our affection and care to our parents, similar to their wholehearted attentiveness in the past.
Through Famica's products, we will continually work hard to showcase our products to the world with pride of Taiwanese Design, and to become a leader in the new lifestyle of the mature population.