2021.09.03 Baby Safety

Child Safety Gates: The Importance of Safety Standards

Have you ever wondered, while searching for a child safety gate, "Is this gate really safe?" Do you need to choose a gate that has passed international safety standards? Why is it so important to adhere to safety standards?

Actually, a seemingly simple safety gate hides a lot of complexity. Every safety gate designed by Demby has undergone hundreds of tests and has passed international safety certifications before it can be presented to the public. We believe that only by designing every aspect well can we create a child safety gate that gives parents peace of mind.

Below is a summary of the key points of international safety standards, allowing parents to better understand how we ensure the safety of babies.

1. The gap between the gate panels

In both US and EU safety standards, there are specified ranges for the gap in child safety gates to prevent children's fingers or bodies from getting caught in the gap, thus reducing the risk of accidents.


2. Gate height

Children's curiosity often exceeds our imagination. Some children, upon noticing footholds on safety gates, may attempt to climb up and over the gate. To prevent accidents, the height of the gate is strictly regulated, and there should be no footholds that children can use to climb.


3. protrusion test

To ensure that children passing through safety gates are not snagged or scratched, safety gates must not have any protrusions, sharp edges, cracks, or peeling anywhere.

4. Tensile test/shaking durability test/impact test

For growing toddlers, crawling around is their way of exploring the world. Therefore, tensile testing, shaking testing, and impact testing are crucial for determining whether a gate is safe enough. It must be ensured that the gate will not collapse when children climb or play near it.

5.warning sticker safety

Both the US and EU regulations have specific requirements for warning stickers on gates. The former mandates that warning stickers must be made of breakable material to prevent choking hazards if accidentally ingested by children. The latter applies a glossy film on the warning stickers to prevent them from peeling off easily and maintain readability, ensuring safety for toddlers. Regardless of the type, the focus is on child safety, so be sure to pay attention to these details when making a purchase!


6.Small object pull test

To prevent the risk of children picking up and ingesting objects that may come loose from the gate, all components of the gate must undergo pull force testing to ensure they are secure and cannot detach easily.

Each safety test mentioned above has been passed by Demby's child safety gates and certified according to international safety standards. Parents can confidently make their purchase knowing that we prioritize child safety.

Protecting the safety of children is our priority, and we believe that safety gates play a crucial role as guardians of safety during a baby's growth. We aspire for every baby to grow up safely and happily.