2021.10.22 Baby Safety

Child Safety Bed Rails: Creating a Secure Sleeping Environment for Toddlers

Are parents prepared for when toddlers need to transition out of the crib?

When babies reach around 1.5 to 2 years old, most parents gradually transition them from a crib to a toddler bed. Some parents opt for toddler beds that come with built-in railings, while others may feel that investing in an expensive toddler bed that will only be used for a short time is wasteful. Instead, they choose to use a regular bed and add bed railings along the side against the wall to protect their child's sleep safety. And that brings us to the main topic of discussion today—the children's safety bed rail.


Child safety bed guardrails

The purpose of a bed rail, as the name suggests, is to prevent babies from rolling off the bed while sleeping.

Due to the shorter sleep cycles of infants, they tend to wake up frequently, toss and turn, or roll over during sleep. Without any protection on the side of the bed, this can pose a significant safety risk.
Using a bed rail adds an extra layer of protection for babies while sleeping, relieving parents from the need to stack pillows or worry about their child falling off the bed at night.

*It's worth noting here that it's not advisable for adults to share the same bed with infants to avoid the risk of accidental injury or life-threatening situations due to carelessness.

In addition, bed rails also prevent babies from falling when they try to climb down from the bed by themselves or accidentally tumble off while playing on the bed. It can be said that bed rails create a safety barrier around the bed.
Some babies may naturally feel insecure, especially when transitioning from a crib to a bed. Installing bed rails can also provide assistance and a sense of security for young children during this adjustment period.

Children's safety bed guardrails are suitable for ages

As for the recommended age for using bed rails, it is generally suggested to use them between 1.5 years old and 5 years old. Some parents may wish to encourage their children to develop independent sleeping habits and may try removing the bed rails to observe if the child can sleep without rolling over or tumbling. They can then decide whether to continue using the bed rails based on their observations. If necessary, the use of bed rails can be extended further, as safety protection is always beneficial.

Remember, whether using bed rails or not, it's important not to place unnecessary items or toys on the bed to avoid the risk of the child being crushed or having their airways obstructed!

Essential for traveling abroad

Child safety bed rails play an important role when parents travel with their children. After all, it's not always feasible to bring an entire bed along, and some hotels may not provide cribs for children. That's where convenient and portable safety bed rails become a parent's best friend!

It's important to note that child safety bed rails are subject to strict safety regulations internationally. The safety of our babies is absolutely one of the most important priorities.