2022.03.14 Home Care

Toilet Safety Rails: Creating a Safe Bathroom Environment

Do you know that the bathroom is one of the places where the elderly are most likely to fall at home?

The bathroom environment is often humid, with water or mist that may not have dried completely. Just a slight lack of attention can easily lead to accidents where the elderly slip while moving around. In addition, inappropriate bathroom fixtures are often factors that contribute to accidents. For example, if the bathtub is too high, the elderly may struggle to get in and out, or if the toilet is too low, it can make it difficult for them to stand up or sit down.

If we can identify problem areas early and try to improve the bathroom environment, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents. For example:

  • Placing non-slip mats or absorbent mats on the floor to keep it as dry as possible.

  • Installing grab bars near the toilet and bathtub to provide support and assistance.

  • Avoiding the design of thresholds at the bathroom entrance to reduce the risk of kicking or tripping.

There are various assistive products available on the market, and Famica is here today to introduce the widely popular toilet safety rails. As mentioned earlier, the height of the toilet may pose challenges and risks for the elderly. To reduce the risk of falls in the bathroom, toilet safety rails play an indispensable role.

As people age, not only does their physical strength decline, but also their muscle mass, joint mobility, and other factors deteriorate. Research indicates that after the age of 40, muscle mass decreases rapidly at an average rate of 8% every decade, and between the ages of 40 and 80, individuals may lose nearly one-third of their muscle mass. Muscle loss increases the risk of falls and injuries, and if left unchecked, it can eventually lead to a loss of independent mobility.

We've noticed that many toilet safety rails on the market are bulky and have an awkward appearance. In order to allow more people to experience the safety and comfort brought by toilet safety rails, Famica's design team has launched a safety rail that is convenient to use and provides stable support for the toilet.

Breaking away from the past perception of complex installation, we have eliminated the need for tools during the installation process, allowing users to easily install it with their own hands.

The handrail is equipped with a sliding feature, allowing users to sit down and stand up with minimal effort and in the most efficient manner possible. 

To accommodate various body types and different home environments, the handrail can be adjusted for both height and width as needed.

Assistive devices play a crucial role in enhancing safety in our daily lives, starting with small adjustments to improve bathroom safety. However, it's important to remind everyone that while optimizing home equipment and environments is essential, maintaining good exercise habits to strengthen our bodies is equally important. Exercise training has been widely recognized by most physicians to reduce the risk of falls, with balance training combined with strength training considered important practices that can effectively improve posture control and walking function.