2022.09.15 Home Care

Elderly Safety Bed Rail: Installation Guide for Bed Rails

Are you worried about the elderly rolling off the bed and getting hurt while sleeping?
Do you feel that your parents struggle when getting up or moving from the bed?

If you notice such situations, it's time to consider choosing a suitable safety bed rail for the elderly or family members.

A suitable bed rail for the elderly not only enhances sleep quality and safety but also serves as an assisting handle, allowing seniors to grip and maneuver more easily.

Take, for example, the "Famica Adult Sleep Safety Bed Rail" featured in this article. This safety bed rail not only provides protection during sleep but also doubles as a secure handle to assist seniors in getting in and out of bed and turning over.

The design that allows easy installation without tools is convenient for caregivers to install and adjust for the elderly. Additionally, the bed rail is designed with a downward folding function on both sides, making it easy to operate from inside and outside the bed. This ensures safety and convenience for both the user and the caregiver.

What are some common challenges encountered during the use and installation of sleep bed rails?

Using the "Famica Adult Sleep Safety Bed Rail" as an example, here are some of the most frequently asked questions from consumers:

Q: Why can't the bed rail be folded down after installation?

A: Please ensure that the protruding part of the unlocking joint is facing outward, away from the mattress! If the protruding joint part faces inward toward the mattress, it may prevent smooth folding or cause it to get stuck.

Q: Why does the mesh fabric feel very tight after installation? Is it installed incorrectly?

A: No, it's not installed incorrectly! The mesh fabric needs to withstand lateral pressure, so it needs to have a certain tension to function properly.

Q: My bed is a king-size double bed. Will the bed rail be too large to install?

A: The mattress fixing plate of the Famica bed rail is adjustable in length! Therefore, most large beds can be accommodated. For detailed installation dimensions, please refer to the product installation instructions.

Q: Are there bed rails that are bigger, higher, or longer?

A: No! Increasing the height of the bed rail will raise its center of gravity, which may compromise its protective function and lead to safety hazards. Additionally, if the bed rail is too long, it may not provide sufficient protection, and an excessively long design could hinder the ability of the elderly to get out of bed safely in case of emergencies.

Apart from the common issues mentioned above, one of the most frequent installation mistakes is not leaving enough safety space. The positioning of the safety bed rail is crucial. Placing it too close to the head or foot of the bed may not provide optimal protection and could even lead to insufficient space for the elderly to get in and out of bed safely, resulting in potential accidents or injuries.

Therefore, after installing the bed rail, please ensure that there is at least a 25 cm gap between the product and the head and foot of the bed to avoid overcrowding, which may compromise both convenience and safety for the user.

These are common concerns from consumers regarding the "Famica Adult Sleep Safety Bed Rail," frequently raised by those considering purchasing bed rails for their elderly family members. Hopefully, this information can help address any doubts and assist you in finding a suitable safety bed rail for your beloved family members!