2022.11.11 Home Care

Stylish Cane Selection for Senior Fashion Living

Who says fashion and trendiness are exclusive to the young? Regardless of your age, you can be stylish. People often associate fashion trends with younger generations. However, for the silver-haired trendsetters who remain fashionable as they age, age is just a number, while being stylish is a lifelong pleasure! Whether it's a head full of white hair or the marks of time, they are their most beautiful and wisest unique accessories!

"Accepting aging" is not an easy thing. Many seniors often express, "Using a cane looks old." Consequently, they reject using canes for mobility, but this inadvertently increases knee pressure and the rate of aging. Therefore, choosing a "good-looking" and "functional" cane for the seniors around you is essential to ensure they can go out stylishly and safely.

How to choose a "functional" cane?

Ideally, bring the elderly family members along to try out and select the cane. This way, they can personally choose the appearance and color they like, and most importantly, they can experience the feel, weight, and usability of the cane firsthand.
When selecting, place the cane about 20 centimeters in front of the outer side of the foot. During the trial, wear the shoes you would wear when going out, relax the shoulders, and ensure that the elbow is slightly bent at 24-30 degrees for the most suitable cane height.
If one side or foot of the elderly person is less mobile, the cane should be used on the relatively stronger "good side."


 Famica aims to bring "vitality, convenience, and creativity" to everyone's life. Through stylish products designed for seniors, Famica introduces an important concept: "Love yourself, accept your body as it is, and don't care about how others see you." Many seniors worry about not looking good after their bodies and appearance age, leading them to dress less stylishly and reduce social activities, even avoiding going out altogether.

"Being perceived as attractive by others" should not become a pressure in the elderly's life. Living according to others' values should not be the norm in aging.

The envy of aging comes from being able to freely and confidently choose products that suit one's needs and lifestyle.