2023.04.11 Pet Safety

Pet Safety: Choosing the Right Fence

As pet owners, we often find ourselves grappling with the challenge of keeping our furry companions out of harm's way while still allowing them their freedom. In such scenarios, choosing the right pet safety gate or fence becomes paramount. With a plethora of options available in the market, selecting the appropriate one based on various settings and your dog's size is essential.

Let's explore the choices of pet fences for different home settings:

  1. Blocking Entrances / Hallways

If your dog or pet tends to run out when the door is opened, installing a pet safety gate on the door frame is the best choice. This type of pet gate usually features an upright design, allowing direct installation on the door frame to provide additional protection, preventing your furry friends from running out when opening or closing the door. Moreover, when installed in a room or other doorways, you don't need to keep the door closed all the time, achieving the goal of blocking pets from entering dangerous areas.

Additionally, if installed between parallel walls such as in hallways or corridors, this type of safety gate is also suitable. However, it's essential to pay attention to whether the width between the walls or in the hallway meets the safety installation range of the product. Each brand's design varies slightly. For instance, Yeagle's pet safety gate features patented multi-segment unlocking, fixed door opening, and automatic closing, providing users with enhanced safety and convenience. Furthermore, Yeagle products are among the few that meet European and American safety standards for pet safety products, offering pet owners peace of mind when making their choice.

  1. Room / Space Division

If you want your furry friend to have a designated area, like the living room or study, consider a fence-style pet safety product. These typically come with horizontal, freestanding multi-panel designs, dividing the space into two areas for your pet to roam freely. And if your pet has a favorite sleeping spot or cozy nook, create a safe haven with a pet enclosure, giving them room to move around or rest comfortably.

But remember, size matters! Don't make the space too cramped. While it may seem enough as long as your pet can stand and lie down, a too-small space can make them feel restricted and anxious.

  1. Outdoor / Hiking Outdoors

If you're someone who frequently takes your furry companion outdoors, considering investing in an outdoor pet enclosure is a wise move. These enclosures are designed for easy storage and convenient portability, making them ideal for outings. However, it's important to note that due to their compact size, they may not be suitable for extended periods of outdoor activity. Nevertheless, they serve as excellent temporary solutions, offering shade, shelter from the rain, or a quick resting spot for your furry friends.

Keep in mind that since these enclosures are exposed to the elements outdoors for prolonged periods, their durability and resilience may not match that of indoor pet safety products. Regularly checking the condition of the enclosure is crucial to prevent any potential hazards.


The choice of gates, fences, or enclosures can vary depending on the size and temperament of your pet:

1.For Small to Medium-sized Dogs or Calm Personalities:

Opt for safety products with a height of around 60-70 centimeters for small to medium-sized dogs or those with calm personalities. This height helps prevent them from jumping or escaping. If your pet has a stable temperament and isn't prone to sudden bursts of energy, consider a lightweight, easy-to-install gate to serve as a deterrent.

2.For Medium to Large-sized Dogs or Energetic Personalities:

For medium to large-sized dogs or those with energetic personalities, it's best to choose gates with a height of around 70-80 centimeters. Look for sturdy and durable fixed or wall-mounted gates that can better withstand your pet's impact. Additionally, consider gates with automatic closing features for added convenience and peace of mind.

In addition to considering the environment and your pet's size, choosing the right pet gate also involves taking into account your pet's personality traits, such as height, material, installation method, and functional design.