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  • PG17單獨產品+陰影
  • PG17單獨產品_加高版
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PG17單獨產品+陰影 PG17單獨產品_加高版 @_CHR6278

Flexi Fit Pet GatePPG017

  • Pressure mounted pet gate, easy to install and remove.
  • Exclusive slide latch locking design.
  • Easy placement at house.
  • Width expandable.
  • Stylish design compliments home decor.
  • Free standing design with optional feet.

Pet safety is protected by Yeagle


International safety certification


Quick installation


Regular Height
(58 cm)


Extra Height
(80 cm)


Stand firm without drilling the wall

Slide latch locking design, all the doors with width 72-103 cm can be used


Watch video 


Specification /

•Fits opening : 71-103 cm   
•Regular Height : 58 cm
•Extra Height : 80 cm
•Material : Metal , Plastic

Feature of product /

•Pass the American safety standard. 
•For the regular height, with 58cm tall that the adults can across the gate easily.
•Exclusive slide latch locking design.
•No drilling needed, no damage to the wall.
•Tool-free installation, simple operation.
•Quick release design, easy to carry and travel.